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What is affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

Explain What is Affiliate Marketing in simple words?

For example, become a manufacturer and I have any product that sells for Rs. 50 in the market. Now if someone tells me that I have a lot of good resources, I can sell this product of yours.

I agreed that I would pay him a fixed commission of 10٪, 20٪, or even 30٪ on each product he sold. This thing is Affiliate Marketing.

What Components of Affiliate Marketing?

Components of Affiliate Marketing

Basically affiliate work on these three components given below:

  1. Vendors
  2. Affiliate Network
  3. Affiliates


The vendor is the one who makes a product and gets it entered into the affiliate market for sale. On this product, the vendor keeps some commission percentage for Saller so that his product can be sold as soon as possible.

Affiliate Network

Vendor After making any one product introduced( All information about Product) into the affiliate market for fast selling and get more orders. An affiliate market can be any type of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), website, and marketplace. And also share commission percentage in it par selling product.


These are who people want to earn commission by selling or promoting a product. The people got a specific commission percentage on the product but this is not the same on all products. Every affiliate marketplace has different offers for Affiliates.

Affiliate Networks & Standalone

 In Pakistan

  • ACCUWEB HOSTING – Fast Web Hosting affiliate program.
  • TRAVEL & CULTURE – Great Affiliate Marketing website.
  • MEHNDI – Affiliate marketing site.
  • EMARKAZ – Best affiliate program.
  • GOTO – Top affiliate marketing website.
  • INSPEDIUM – Web Hosting Affiliate Program Site.
  • DARAZ – Top Products Affiliate marketing Website.
  • AMAZON – Top International affiliate website.
  • ALIEXPRESS – Chain national affiliate site.

Outside of Pakistan

  • Click Bank – Ads Affiliate Program
  • CJ Affiliate – Best Affiliate Program
  • JVzoo – Affiliate marketing site
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