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Smart Social Media Strategies That Can Boost Website Traffic

The key to success in online marketing lies in being found by users who you can engage for conversions. Social media is increasingly used by smart marketers to elevate brand awareness and drive website traffic. Some effective strategies that can drive more traffic to your website: – Tricks to get followers & social media strategies

Cut Through the Clutter on Twitter with Emojis

When you are marketing on Twitter, it can be quite troublesome trying to get the attention of your followers in the clutter of millions of tweets. While the use of emojis can lend a much-need fun element, more importantly, they serve to make your tweets more noticeable and encourage users to click and read them. According to experts, it is possible to boost click-through rates by as much as 20% with the use of emojis.

Encourage Content Sharing with Infographics and Memes

Since visual matter gets a better response from followers for Instagram and other social media as they are assimilated faster, you should try and convert the blog post content into interesting infographics or memes so that users read them more than boring text. These images can be shared along with a link to the full blog post. Since infographics and memes are more interesting, users are enthused to share them across all social media platforms they are active in.

Since memes need to be short, you should try to include some of the most important quotes from the blog and convert them into memes with an interesting visual. Since you get the opportunity of sharing the link to the same blog using different memes, it can increase the shelf life of your blog content and encourage more users to visit your site.

Publish the Content on Sites | Tricks to get followers & social media strategies

Online marketing experts recommend that after posting your blog on your own website, you should republish them on as many other blogging platforms as you can as that will enable you to increase your exposure considerably. Republishing hardly takes any effort and you get an opportunity to drive additional traffic to your site. Ensure that you insert hyperlinks to various pages of your site in the blog content; not only do readers get to explore your site but also the search engines have more chance of indexing your site pages.

However, you need to be careful that you will not be penalized for duplicate content when you are posting the same infographic on various social media platforms. Try and design different-looking infographics so that even users will not be bored of seeing the same stuff on different platforms. There are a number of tools that can be used for creating infographics and memes cheaply and quickly.

Conclusion | Tech reviews

Traffic to your website will increase with every additional opportunity you give your target audience to discover the site. Considering the vital importance of the website to convert interest into sales, you should share and publish your blog content to the maximum on every social media platform that you can and also encourage users to visit your website with the use of powerful and compelling CTAs.

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