SEO Consultancies: Don’t Settle – Find the One that’s Right for YOU

There are number of services that SEO companies can and should offer in order to assist your business with its online presence. Here we take a look at some of them.

Thousands of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are operating across the US and in the UK, from SEO in Berkshire to Bannock shire; all of them promise to improve your Google page rankings and avoid the dreaded Panda and Penguin penalties. But which one is right for you and your company?

What is the SEO consultant strategy?

There are a number of points you should consider before choosing a digital marketing agency that best meets your needs and enhances your online presence and marketing strategy. Let’s look at them:

The Fee

The cost of hiring an SEO company can vary in terms of monthly or yearly financial outlay and length of contract. Some companies tie you into a 12 month contract. However, with traffic volumes and rankings often taking months to record, it can be difficult to track an accurate return on outlay. Choose if you wish to go with a firm that offers a monthly rolling contract or a longer one. The former allows you to pull out if you feel that it is not working whereas the latter means you can build up a close relationship with your agency in order for them to get a more in depth understanding of your requirements.

Targeted Timescales

Reputable SEO consultancies should offer you a targeted timescale in which to see your page rankings improve; if they do not offer this, this can mean they will persuade you to stay longer with them to deliver the results you are after = more expense for you.

Site Analysis

Thorough companies should also offer an in depth analysis of your site, looking into the existing web structure and the frequency of indexing from Google. They should also evaluate inbound link popularity, review the quality and relevancy of existing links and look at the keywords which drive traffic to your site, amongst other things.

SEO Content Strategy

Following on from a comprehensive analysis, a reputable SEO company will develop a list of relevant keywords based on popularity of search and relevancy, review any necessary changes to the website such as changing the site map, title tags, header tags and so on, build a detailed link building strategy focusing on a range of link sources such as blog posts, wiki posts, sidebar links and so on and determine how detailed and involved the overall content for your site needs to be.


You should also check the references of any SEO agency you wish to use by looking at the results they have achieved elsewhere, such as increased rankings, revenue, traffic or conversions. Get an understanding of their practices too: Do they follow Google guidelines; do they practice white hat rather than black hat methodologies?

Do They Know Their Stuff, and Can They Deliver?

Finally, do they offer to ‘go the extra mile?’ Do they recognize that relevant, up to date and meaningful content is king, rather than mere keyword stuffing? Do they go beyond SEO and offer content such as publishing relevant white papers, writing and maintaining a blog, encouraging user generated content, posting interviews or creating useful applications or tools?

An SEO company that is right for you should provide bespoke services and focus on quality of content – content that visitors to your site will use, share and ultimately result in a call to action. Remember, that useful content that translates into conversions is much more important than promises of high page rankings!

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