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Internet Marketing Mindset

I’m gonna share today some of the frustrations you might be facing and how you must focus on yourself for success.  It’s not something many people talk about, but I can tell you from personal experience (more on that later) without the right mindset you will fail. This is the first article in a two-part series, leave a comment if it strikes home with you!
I absolutely love internet marketing, making money online is fun, rewarding, and can be very lucrative.

But it can also be tough.

Many of us who make good money online forget how difficult it can be when you’re just starting out.  The initial frustrations and lack of direction break many people, they throw the towel in before they make it Little did they know they were perhaps only a few short weeks away from success and changing their life forever.
And that’s what internet marketing can do.  Change your life beyond recognition. It allows you to live your life how you want to live, holidays you want when you want them, work on projects you find interesting, and work when it suits you.  If my wife is ill or there is some kind of open day at my kid’s school I can go.  In fact, I’ve not missed any kind of event, play, or sports day since I started making cash online.  Even better when I’m there I can relax and don’t worry that I have to be back in the office at a certain time.
Making money online gives you freedom and that’s better than the money.  But hey I like the money too!
But when you start out this all seems a million miles away.  Here are some of the obstacles you will have to overcome.

The Doubting Friends & Family

“Hey mate you’ll never make any money with that internet stuff, it’s all a scam”.  I’ve heard that quite a few times myself and if people weren’t saying it I could see it in their eyes!  Yep, cynicism is a major obstacle especially if it comes from your partner or immediate family members.  I was lucky my wife supported me although she has since told me she thought it would never work.
One of my “friends” loved busting my balls for having the ambition to make money online.  He had a joke at my expense at every opportunity when I was struggling to make it work.  He was really enjoying himself, but it really pissed me off.  But I shook it off and never bit back and I think that’s important.  Don’t try to justify yourself to these negative influences, you’ll never convince them anyway.  Just agree with them and let their negativity be a motivator for you.
Anyone who has tried to do something out of the norm gets ridiculed and you’ll be no different.

Technical Difficulties & Fears

This is a classic issue many newbies face, how the hell do I do that syndrome.
Probably more than anything else this is the one that paralyzed me with fear the most.  I’ve never been technical and even more importantly have never had any desire to be good with computers.  I just want the damn things to spit money at me.
But here’s the thing… you need some knowledge of the techy side of things.  I did everything I could to avoid learning how to make a website, paying people to do it for me even though I was totally and utterly broke.
After a few months, I realized I needed to know how to make a site and to my surprise, it was pretty easy.  To this day I set up 99% of my sites with WordPress which absolutely anyone can learn to do.  Having that basic knowledge gives you the confidence to do other technical jobs.  Now I’m not suggesting you master all parts of the technical aspects of Internet Marketing but do learn the basics.
I suggest you get to grips with buying and hosting a domain, building a site with WordPress, basic FTP skills, and mastering the use of an autoresponder.
If you know those basics you will be well equipped and any other skill you will be able to master quickly or outsource to someone else safe in the knowledge that you know enough not to get ripped off.
I’m sure you recognize some of these fears and frustration in your business if you do leave a comment below.
In part two I’ll discuss a number of other frustrations you will face and exactly how to become successful despite these hurdles
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