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Importance of SEO in Developing a Website

Nowadays the internet has become a very good global market for developing one’s business. Organizations and individuals are developing websites and trying to increase their business. The websites also want to catch the highest number of people’s attention and so they are taking the help of search engine optimization (SEO) to get their web pages among the highest rankers.


Definition of SEO


SEO or search engine optimization is a process that makes a website rank higher in a search result of search engines like, Google or Yahoo and eventually helps to increase the number of visitors to that website. The higher rank a website gets in a search result, there is a greater chance of having more traffic.


Things are done in SEO


A website is built and designed in such a way that it attracts people and generates good business. In order to get more traffic, internet market strategy and search engine optimization are used. Only building a good website and not getting a high ranking in a search engine means all the work done is in vain.


To generate high traffic to a website from different search engines, the web pages are optimized. Certain things are needed to be considered while designing and developing the website. These are:


  • Avoid usage of images and flash:


A website looks very attractive with a flash animation or an image, but, it takes more work to get the page optimized than a normal website. So, more text-based information should be used.


  • Usage of simple codes:


If simpler codes like HTML are used at the back end while developing a website, it would be easier to get it to search engine optimized.


  • Usage of tags:


Using the tags makes a search engine crawler interpret the information a website is providing. Tags can be meta tags, title tags, anchor tags, H1, H2, H3 tags, alt tags for images, etc. To promote website keywords, H1, H2, and H3 tags are used.


The internet marketing associates study the previous month’s keyword usage statistics provided by the major search engines. Researches the keywords, and finds out which keywords should be used to promote the website more and to get it optimized better.


  • Usage of content:


Well-written content is one of the most powerful SEO techniques which web developers use. Using the relevant keywords, articles need to be updated on the website.


A well-optimized website of an organization means getting a high rank in the search engine, which generates more visitors to its page. This, in turn, gives good business to that organization. So, search engine optimization should be done with proper research and care to keep the website among the top rankers in the search engine for a long time.

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