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How to make money out of blogging

Let’s admit it – not everyone is built for the office. For the longest time in history, most systems have been built to cater to only a few types of people – extroverts, maths or science experts, to name a few. The internet, however, has given others a huge chance at being lords of their own time. Creative people, like designers, programmers, the types who prefer solitude while working, people who have a penchant for the written word – the list can go on. We can thank the Internet for motivating productivity in people while allowing people to be lords of their own time and to engage in activities that can be as profitable as a normal day job. Bloggers are among the many citizens who have found such an opportunity.

How does one make money out of blogging?

Before one makes money, one’s got to set up a blog, of course. If you’re really new to blogging, you can try setting up a blog on blogging platforms for starters, like Blogger.com (which is owned by Google), Tumblr.com, or WordPress.com. When you’ve decided that you like it and that you can actually stick with it for the long haul, look into self-hosting your own blog. Consult the Internet – there are hundreds of resources for tutorials, as well as countless businesses that can provide you with the wares necessary for your new venture.
Blogging on wordPress
Blogging on WordPress
There are many ways for a blogger to earn. A common way is through affiliate links. In the simplest terms, when a reader clicks on these links within a blog and visits the website of the advertiser, the site owner earns a commission. A blogger may review a product and include these links in his blog.
Another is by selling ads through, say, Adsense, which is among the most known online ad networks. What the site owner does basically is selling ad space for these ads that come up randomly. When a reader clicks on any of these links, the site owner earns.
Of course for these ads to work you need to establish your readership first. So focus on profit but don’t forget that good content invites traffic to your site. Try tracking the effectiveness of your content by placing a like button in your posts and try to get more Facebook likes by crafting your content well.
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