Windwo 10 safe mode

How to go safe mode in window 10

Safe mood help to recover you corrupt window files or Chance troubleshoot these problems

If your computer or PC does not run in normal mode then you need to run your Computer Safe Mode in window. Every window has a different method to go in safe mode, window Xp, Window 7, window 8, window 10 or incoming window 11.

Reasons of Computer need to Run Safe mode in window

Operating system Not will start the window after doing these things, System of through press the power button till computer not off, file missing when computer starting or an unexpected light off.

Method 1: Through the system configuration tool

Open run window by pressing Start+R Button on the same time. After run window open type here in text filed msconfig then click ok. Popup window open like below:

safe mode open Through the system configuration tool

When new window open like above that go to Boot Option (1). You see down boot option here navigate (2) Safe Mode Click on it and enable safe mode. Then click on apply or Ok after that one new window open here to option show, Restart or Exit without Restart click on Restart. Computer will be restart and open into safe mode.


Method 2: Open Safe Mode In window using Shift + Restart Button

Press the Start button and go to Power option here you see two more option, Shut down and Restart. While keep pressing Shift Button and click on Restart. Computer will be restart, window 10 asked you select an option. Select Troubleshoot , here show more 2 option Restart this PC and Advance Option. Open advance Option and go to Startup Settings here show restart option below on right site click on it.

Now here show 9 different options Enable you need only 4,5,6 option. Chose one option from there and hit the number which show in the option. F1 to F9 which help to select any option from 1-9.

go to safe mode by Using Shift + Restart Button

Going to Enable safe mode by press f4, Enable safe mode with networking by press f5 and Enable safe mode with Command Prompt by press f5.

After selecting any option computer will be restart and open in selected Safe mode.

Method 3: Pressing Shift+F8 Enable Safe Mode

When you turn on your computer press Shift+F8 Computer will be show you some option like that.

Go to safe mode by Using Shift + F8 Button

After see that show in above image you select your Safe mode option by using arrow key up and down. Needed Mode select and press Enter.

I hope its will be help full for you. If you face any other problem related this topic you can submit your problem by comment below. I will reply your Problem ASAP.

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