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How to create Slide to Shut down Shortcut Icon

In computer filed interested people everyday trying to learn something different. Then Slide to shut down Shortcut Icon New Feature in Computer filed. Our daily life when I need to shutdown computer, go to start button and search here shutdown option then click on it. But If I tell you something different method to shutdown your computer with slide to shut down Shortcut Icon.

In this case I will create a slide to Shutdown Shortcut icon on desktop, Double click on it after that you se slide down window visible. Now then you want shutdown your PC Slide down If Not Slide UP.

Create Slide to Shut down Shortcut Icon

This is very interesting way to turn off your Computer through Slide to Shut down. Creating this amazing new feature in your computer you need to go on desktop. Right click here go New and click on shortcut after clicking you see here new window/dialog Box. Provide below code copy and paste in as it is. Press Ctrl+C for Copy this text and go to dialog box Ctrl+V for pasting.

Code: %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe

After you do that click on next button, type shortcut name here you can give any name of this shortcut like “Slide to shut down“. If you not change the default name then as well and click on Finish. Your slide to shut down shortcut icon ready to perform its work.

How to Shortcut Icon Image Change

When create any shortcut in your computer default its not appear any icon image in it. But if you want to change icon image for doing some thing eye catchy. Right click on that and go to Properties, here you see change icon option click on it. Many icons show here Suitable icon image select for your shortcut and apply then Ok.

Slide to Shut down Shortcut Icon Image Change

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