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Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut Icon

When a man works on a computer for a long time, obviously he gets tired (automatically computer Shutdown Shortcut Icon will help you). And in the meanwhile the work he is doing is not completed or it takes some more time to complete. Someone who is about to make a video has made a video and now it needs at least two hours to render.

But he doesn’t have enough time to wait two hours. Then he can do this turn the computer off automatically after two hours. If you don’t know how can you do this, in this article I will tech you how to create automatically computer shutdown Shortcut on desktop. You will easily customized time duration after off accordingly you requirements.

Create Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut Icon

For creating Shut down Shortcut Icon for automatically go to computer desktop, and right click on empty space. See some option appear here chose New option then Shortcut create.

Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut

New window open of shortcut empty text filed show paste here this code. You can modify this code accordingly your requirements, change only time with accounting seconds. Code show below copy be careful by pressing keys on keyboard Ctrl+C, Pasting for use Ctrl+V.

Code: shutdown -s -t 3600

This code appear at above its only for 1 hour if you apply as it is, will be automatically computer shutdown. If you want change time you need long your require mint multiply with seconds then your answer put replace at 3600 Sec.

Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut icon after 1 hour


  • 30 mints: shutdown -s -t 1800
  • 1 hour: shutdown -s -t 3600
  • 2 hours: shutdown -s -t 7200
  • 3 hours: shutdown -s -t 10800

If you click on automatically computer shut down Shortcut Icon by mistakenly your computer worn, computer will be shut down after that remaining time but you don’t want. Don’t take tension if you want to cancel this timer simply Press from your keyboard Start+R button , Run Dial log box open Paste here this code below.

shutdown -a

Automatically Computer Shutdown Cancel

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