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8 Tips for create social media content – Write high engagement posts

how to create social media content?

Create social media content is a challenge for everyone. You have to write such a post on social media on which get more likes, shares, and comments. And if you are using a link in your social media post or your landing page, your user will click on that link and visit your site.

There are some steps for you to compress all these things, which we should discuss one by one.

1- Understand your Audience

First of all, you have to know your audience what they want to do and what you are expecting from them. As an example, if you are offering any service from your website, like an SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The challenge of your users can be that if they have a website and that traffic is not coming on it.

Understand your Audience
Analyze your Audience

You have to set up that website properly with the help of your SEO skills and bring traffic to it.


Have a website but not have traffic on it.

Ways to address challenges

Do you batter SEO on it and bring traffic.

Success stories

If you have successfully completed your client’s challenge, like increasing their traffic from 1K to your 10K using your SEO Expertise. After do that make a Success story for your other clients.

2- Create Positive Social Media Content

You have to create positive content for your audience, in which you have to prove yourself to be a good content writer, in the turn of your competitor, neither do you write badly nor speak badly. As a result of this, you will lose your audience who do not like your content.

Create Positive Social Media Content
Create Positive Social Media Content

Audiences are mixed on social media, with positive content you can build trust in your visitors.

3- Keep it short & Simple

The content that you are sharing on social media should be short and simple. Let the tech visitor know exactly what message you are giving. If you are doing it by a line or two, your visitor will soon know what the message is in that lines.

Too much lengthy content spoils the visitor, and they skip the action rather than read it.

  • Concise caption
  • Easily digestible
  • Batter Engagement rate 130 to 150 characters (3 lines )

4- Use Images and Video

Then you have to use visual content. Many platforms are based on images and videos, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. You can engage your clients with your service by putting a status on Facebook and Instagram.

On the basis of example, if you guys change your profile or status, you get the most likes on this. That’s why whenever you create social media content, then make sure to include images and videos in it.

  • Visual content is worth a thousand words
  • Better engagements rate
  • Share a message quickly
  • Take Care of the right dimensions

5- Add CTA (Call to Action)

CTA means a call to action if you have created a post for social media must be used call-to-action words in it. As if an event is going on, you have created a post on it and said like and share this post, like and share words call to action in it.

You can ask the audience to comment on your post, or you can ask them general questions, which are answered by 80% to 90% of the people. Due to which the engagement rate of the post increases. If you are promoting a blog post from which you want to generate traffic, then you can use the link of the blog post in your social media post.

If you are selling a product, you can share the link of its form, so that your customers can order by filling the direct form.

  • Include strong CTA at the end
  • Like/Share the post
  • Ask a question
  • Link to a landing page
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Connect on other SM (Social Media)

6- Use Active voice content

At the time of post creation, care should be taken that 80% of its content should be in active voice, which makes it easy for the audience to understand. This improves the readability of the post and the audience understands it quickly.

  • Effective Content
  • Clear identification of action
  • Improved readability

7- Create Shareable social media Content

Along with promotions on your social media platform, create content and posts that people like and share with their friends and family. As a special event is about to come, information can be given in its turn. So that people see it and share it with their friends.

  • Delivering value to their audience
  • To make themselves feel valued
  • To express beliefs or support Causes

8- Consistency in Posts & Destination Pages

Whenever you create a post on social media, then its link should match that post. You made a post in which you said 30% off offer on a particular product and when a buyer went to the page of that website by clicking on that link, he did not get anything like that. Buyer can immediately leave that page, in this case, your website increase bounce rate that is not suitable action for your website.

  • Double-check the links
  • Link to credible pages
  • Caption Matches The Destination page content



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