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7 Computer tricks for expert users

If you want to learn new things in computer tricks or you want to become computer expert then this post for you. In this article we talk about 7 tips or computer tricks for expert users. In our daily life computer have really importance even you do any thing computer involve in it. Even when you go to market for buying somethings after paying product price shop sales man give you computerize printed bill. Every time we are attracted with computer, our Mobile Phone its Computer.

1- Slide to Shutdown Computer

Normally all people shutdown computer from Click/Pressing on Start button and then click on shutdown button. If you want to create a new attractive feature of Shutdown with sliding down feature, Then to need a Create Shortcut in your computer. Its working after Double click on it, screen laydown slide show. Now you want to shutdown then drag to completely down that it.

Slide to Shutdown Computer

How to create Slide to Shutdown Shortcut in PC

2- Create Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut

Many people working on computer late-night with sleeping mood, mostly video editors or downloader (File downloading from internet). Video rendering or downloading Its taken log time, but in this case you feel sleep or doing other work an you want when you work complete Automatically Computer Shutdown. Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut create according you requirement, manually set you time of period when you computer shutdown.

How to Create Automatically Computer Shutdown Shortcut

3- God Mode All Settings in one Shortcut Icon

What is God-mode? God Mode have all settings in one place with shortcut icon. People default using or exploring all settings through different ways , Control panel , window settings options etc. But if you create a God Mode Shortcut Icon you can access all settings in one place.

4- Open any program with shortcut keys

If you have any favorite program or mostly use any program like game, player, video etc. Just Press some keys program will be open instantly. Its more beneficial for those who uses keyboard.

5- Overwrite current user password

If you want to create new password of your current user old password you not remember yet. You can do easily with this method. Press Start Button + R run window open type here CMD. Now type here lusrmgr hit enter. Popup window open of local users or groups window. Click on users after you can see all users of your computer. Then click on that user who want to change password without using old password.
Note: This Tip only working with window 7

6- Startup Program

You want when your computer start its do some thing amazing like play song, video, game or any program open without wasting your time. Easily you do this if you use window 7 then go to Start Button click on all programs. Search here startup then open and paste your file here which you want to play/open. Window 10 go to run option pressing Start + R type here Shell:startup hit Ok. An other folder open now you cant paste here your file which you want to paly/open after computer start.

7- Boost up computer with USB or External Drive

You have low RAM or your computer not work well with your requirement software. Not worry its tip for you easily boost your system with your external drive or USB as RAM. Attach USB/External Drive with your Laptop/computer. Open My computer right click on USB/External Drive go to Properties > ready boost > Dedicate this device readyboost > Apply. I hope now your needed software will be working fine.

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